Short Story of Morocco

Short Story of Morocco


„Short Story of Morocco“

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Morocco…that is Marrakech, that are a lot of spices, that is mint tea. But how about the rural Morocoo? We could spend a complete holiday in this country by travelling from one cultural site to another, only seeing a meager landscape passing by the bus window. By seeing everything and in the end nothing at all.
Nothing of this fascinating and interesting and varied country.

Our tour started in Marrakech, where we stayed for two nights. It was quite a good time! Of course you need to see the souks, the Djema el Fna and simply enjoy the bustling atmosphere. But, to be totally honest, two days are totally enough. At least everything in the Medina is for the tourists and the people around have their very own opinion of them. Well, I was happy when we had to move on. And what layed ahead of us was very, very impressive.
After an adventurous ride in a grand taxi, I found myself lost in the mountains. It should be added, that I am normally not a friend of the mountains, because I hate snow, but this time was completely different. Not only that we were in a valley where it got 25 degrees at daytime, but it was this plain, indigenous nature all around us, that pulled me over.

Ouirgane is supposed to be a popular weekend destination for the richer Moroccans, which can be also seen through some „Auberges“ all around the village. However the locals are mainly farmers who live in red mud houses, some of them also out of cement. The actual village consists of some houses next to the main street and some shops where one can buy the most important things. While walking on the paths of the shepherds, the wood gatherers, the school kids, the housewives (…) , it became clear to me that our western lifestyle has nothing to do with the real life. It is simply a great man-made setting for fullfilling our pleasures. Probably we should stop forcing the people in so called „developing countries“ to adapt to our standard of living and start trying to learn from them. Because they know much more about the things that matter than we do. Comfort is not a bad thing, but it must be appreciated rather than taken for granted. And our society, especially my generation, is just about to forget that nothing should ever be taken for granted.

thanks for the lovely Text Laura!